Deep Dark Delicious 2 (Celulares) (320x240)


Duración: 120 Minutos
Lanzamiento: 12/2003
Nombre del Estudio: Sneek Peek
Estrellas: Vinnie Russo
Categorías: Amateur Bruto
A NOTE FROM VINNIE: OK, I admit it! I'm addicted to Fudgsicles! Especially when they're almost 10" long!! Back for more throat-stretching blow jobs is 19 year old MONDO (Str8 Flava #1, Deep,Dark & Delicious), a star soccer player at a local catholic college and JEDI (Gettin' Vinnie Off, Testing The Waters, Deep,Dark & Delicious), an 18 year old High Scool basketball player and streetwise thug. Even if "black" isn't necessarily your thing, you won't be able to resist the near 20 inches of rock hard cock being serviced here. A chocolate lover's delight!!
It's been two weeks since he's busted so when Mondo stops by after classes he relaxes a little before getting totally naked in my bedroom. I get right to work and take his huge throbbing cock down my throat. As he begins to get into it, Mondo grabs my head and starts fucking my mouth hard, hitting the back of my throat with his cock head. With his insistant rhythm it doesn't take long before he's busting an incredible nut on my face, up and over my shoulder and finally down my throat, holding my head down to make me swallow that last drop.
About a week and a half later Mondo returns to see if I've found any girls for the sessions (where do they get these crazy ideas?). While Mondo's shedding his threads the monster springs to life and I waste no time chowing down on it. I can tell he's eager to get off but I tease him and prolong the torture. As I stroke and lick his chocolate stick I can feel it begin to melt in my mouth. One loud moan and Mondo erupts a massive load on my lips and face, nearly drowning me with his baby batter!
Mondo returns about a month later and he's still hopin' for some "pussy", but his quickly growing cock belies that notion. I grab onto Mondo's well-muscled thighs as I go down on him, swallowing his crank to the hilt. While I lick and chew on his balls I take out my own hard cock and stroke it (you can see Mondo take a sneek peek at my fat piece as I service him). I take him to the edge several times, then when he can't stand it any longer he blows a huge load on my cock. While I coax out the last of his cum with my mouth, I bust a load in my own hand.
Jedi is soon going to prison for some drug related charges and wants to visit Vinnie for one (or two) last blowjobs. He's naked even before I turn the camera on and soon I'm charming his big black snake. I swallow it whole and drive him crazy by playing with his eight-pack and swollen nipples. Jedi's legs go up in the air and I start munchin' on his butt and chewin' on his balls while he strokes himself (he's lovin' it!). In no time he's bustin' a nut in his hand while I lick his shaft then I eat the load off his hand and clean him up.
Later the same day he's ready for another "session" and gets real naked real fast. I take his still soft cock in my mouth and it grows into a monster in my throat. After some expert cocksucking Jedi starts thrusting his hips and moaning softly while holding my head down on his chocolate log as he unloads streams of warm cum down my throat. My gift to the soon-to-be incarcerated Jedi.
It's been 3 months since I've seen Jedi. He's been in the big house where his hair got longer, he got more muscular from working out, and so missed Vinnie's services! Even before I have a chance to turn on the camera he's waiting on my bed with his enormous cock in his hand. I swoop down on it, sucking like a child with a big lollipop. Jedi lays back and savors every moment, grabbing my head and making me lick his balls and ass. Soon he unleashing a truck load of hot jizm down my throat and I eat up every last bit of it.